Volume 17, 2019/Issue 3–4
DOI: 10.17165/TP.2019.3-4.17

Pásztor, Enikő
National Education in the Kindergartens According to the Modified National Core Programme for Kindergarten Education

Recently, in parallel with the rise of globalisation, the wave of emphasizing the national characteristics of different nations has been a necessary process. The present Hungarian government is determined in the aspect of making the upcoming generations strong in national identity, in loving their country, in being faithful to national values as well as in being proud of them. At the beginning of the 2018/19 academic year, one of the most interesting topics for kindergarten teachers was the modification of National Core Programme for Kindergarten Education. One of the most controversial parts of this change is the emphasis on national and Christian education. In my research I was trying to get an answer to the general reaction of the kindergarten teachers to the additional provisions now included in the basic curriculum. So far, in the documents of national education kindergarten teachers have not received much support. At the same time, it is true, that kindergarten teachers have always done much for the national education of the Hungarian children. Up to now, however, the measure and quality of including national education in their everyday work have depended upon their conscience, convictions, belief, habits and several other characteristics. Fortunately, there are many who consider Hungarian culture and traditions to be one of the most important values, and transmitting them is a highly important responsibility for them. The results of my research could give motivation for kindergarten teachers to reconsider their foregoing activities in order to successfully meet the new requirements engrossed in the new curriculum.

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