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In the article "Trends and Issues on STEM and STEAM Education in Early Childhood" printed in Volume 17, Numbers 3–4 of the Journal "Képzés és Gyakorlat" ("Training and Practice") the author, regrettably, used by Aysun Ata Aktürk's and Hasibe Özlen Demircan's article "A Review of Studies on STEM and STEAM Education in Early Childhood" without due citation. (The study of the Turkish authors was published in Volume 18, Number 2 of the Scientific Journal of Ahi Evran University in 2017.)

The author of the article "Trends and Issues on STEM and STEAM Education in Early Childhood" , published in the Journal "Képzés és Gyakorlat", expresses regrets that she has failed to refer to the work of the Turkish authors. At the same time, she declared that the study submitted to the editorial staff is her own work.

12th Training and Practice International Conference On Educational Science

The University of Sopron Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy and
Kaposvár University Faculty of Pedagogy are pleased to announce the 12th
International Conference on Educational Sciences with the title:

'International Trends and Dimensions in Educational Sciences without Borders'

Date: 25 April 2019

Venue: University of Sopron Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy
5 Ferenczy János Str. Sopron, Hungary

Confererence language: Hungarian, English, German


The Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal Training And Practice informs you
that the next deadline for admitting papers is 15 March 2019.
We look forward to getting papers in compliance with the guidelines.

Dear Author,

following the conference we are pleased to welcome you among our authors.

Our journal of Educational Sciences Training and Practice provides a forum for the lectures of the Training and Practice Conference to appear in our issue 3-4 2017.

The deadline for accepting papers is 10 June 2017 on the address

Studies arriving after this date will not appear in our autumn issue. (They will be published in our next copies the following year.)

Our journal - with reference to the accepted scientific norms - makes the publication possible after the recommendation of two anonim professional lectors.

Formal requirements can be found on our homepage, next to this notice. Please consider that the maximum number of characters can be 20.000.

We look forward to a successful collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

The Editorial Board of Training and Practice

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